Uncertain what to expect in an herbal medicine consultation? We will sit together for 1-1.5 hours and discuss your holistic well-being and health in detail. After our thorough intake, we will design and discuss custom herbal formulas, lifestyle and nutrition advice that are all designed for your specific physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and abilities.

There are many reasons to see an herbalist, from acute or chronic physical conditions, to long-standing emotional/spiritual matters. I offer a 15 minute complementary phone conversation to answer any questions you may have, and to discuss how an herbalist could support you in your unique healing journey.

Herbal medicine / holistic wellness consultations are available by appointment. Distance consultations are also available via phone or Skype.

To book an appointment or short phone conversation, please email, or call 250-661-4527.

I look forward to meeting with you!


1315 Esquimalt Rd., Esquimalt BC V9A 3P5