About Me & My Practice

The heart of my practice is deep listening, absolute presence, thorough knowledge of plant medicine, and encouragement of positive embodiment. Our work together will use herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle practices crafted uniquely for you, with the aim of inviting you to step more fully into your own body’s vitality and innate healing wisdom.

I also guide yoga and mindfulness meditation practices in a trauma-informed manner. I specializing in Mindful Yin Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Gentle Flow, and occasional active Vinyasa yoga classes. I draw inspiration from the natural world to encourage deeper positive embodiment through the breath, skilful alignment, and mindfulness meditation techniques. Yoga, breathwork or meditation techniques may also be included in Herbal Medicine consultations.

All are very welcome in this inclusive practice. I have a special interest in the areas of improving wellness and vitality for athletes/yogis, working with chronic and complex conditions (including chronic stress, auto-immune, etc.), fostering sexual health and wellness, improving fertility, working with trauma and mental health concerns, and working with LGBTQIAA+ folk.

Ayurveda and Yoga greatly inform my practice as a Medical Herbalist. I strive to bring a truly holistic, narrative, trauma-informed and empowerment approach into my work. The foundation of my practice combines the physical with an inner emotional and spiritual journey, empowering you as the client to step more fully into your own vital mind-body.

Medical Herbal consultations are my primary practice, but I am also available to teach Yoga and to guide meditation practices.

A Bit About Myself

Self-biographies can be very tricky to write! Thank you for your patience as I find the words to sketch out who I am and how I practice as a Medical Herbalist.